Crafts of Halloween

During halloween you can find some nice and big craft projects.But they can be bad if they have so may steps that kids get bored before even going to step 2 or 3.What you need is a nice,simpleĀ  and quick to do project which kids can do most part themselves.Pumpkin painting can be one of those projects.I am not just talking about ordinary pumpkin craft here but more modern forms.



Pumpkin painting is the perfect project for the little goblins who aren’t old enough to perform the lantern crafts.Using simple pencils,acrylic colors,water colors,papers kids can paint silly and funny faces or draw their favorite cartoon character or super hero.Painted pumpkins are better than curved pumpkins in terms of time and safety.Although curved ones look much more realistic but for little kids painted ones are better economically and safely.In less than one hour you and your kids make a pumpkin worth displaying in front of your house,garden or door.



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